Saturday 10th Apr 2021STUDBOLTS FROM STOCK: b7/l7, b7m/l7m, b16, b8/b8m/b8t (class 1&2), 32760, 660...

Pipeline is the division of Hydrobolt Group specialising in pipeline products.

Having supplied special fasteners and studbolts to the energy industries for over 20 years, Hydrobolt Group has now expanded its product range to include flanges, fittings, gaskets, pipes and valves. Pipeline is a cost effective single source for pipeline packages containing specially manufactured products and exotic materials – standard off the shelf items can be sourced too to complete the package.

Effective supply chain management of piping materials is the key to making a project successful, keeping it on track and reducing costs. Pipeline can reduce OPEX costs by controlling the supply chain, consolidating logistics, and managing customers’ documentation and certification requirements. Our in-house experts have over 20 years experience working with approved mills and material sources, and supplying pipeline product to the energy industries.